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Melanin Wrapping Paper

Source: Melanin Wrapping Paper - Etsy Source: Melanin Wrapping Paper - Etsy

Olatundexarts – African Yoga|Fashion-Wear

Source: Olatundexarts - Etsy Olatundexarts is a unique exploration of ART History using a variety of mediums. Olatundé, the creative force behind the shop, draws inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of Yoruba cultures and religions....

Kindred Essence Candles & Body Care

Source: Kindred Essence | Etsy In the whirlwind of daily life, finding time for self-care can be a challenge, especially during the holiday season. Sisters and scent maestros, Sandra and Jennifer Mapp, co-owners of Kindred...

Fill Me Up: Essentials

Source: FillMeUpEssentials - Etsy Reina Norris of Fill Me Up: Essentials is passionate about crafting unique coffee mugs that not only hold your favorite brew but also celebrate the love for coffee itself. Source: FillMeUpEssentials -...

Jewelry With Me

Source: Jewelry with me - Etsy Joyce Mercer is the heart and soul behind Jewelry With Me. Joyce has always danced to the rhythm of her own style and her avant-garde approach is the cornerstone...

Umthi Beauty

Source: Umthi Beauty - Etsy Blending a passion for sustainability and knowledge of chemistry, Umthi Beauty offers a selection of organic hair treatments. "The products were formulated out of a need to help with my hair...

Ignite Your Peace

Source: Ignite Your Peace - Etsy Source: Ignite Your Peace - Etsy


Source: WrapandSoul - Etsy These waist beads are created to flatter the body with comfort and elegance. The therapeutic and spiritual energies of the stones are complemented by symbols significant to our community. ...

Brown Girl Bag Company

Source: Brown Girl Bag Company - Etsy Source: Brown Girl Bag Company - Etsy

Li Li’s Creations

Source: LiLiCreations - Etsy Li Li's Creations bridges the gap in culturally rich clothing that's not only beautiful but comfortable as well made to measure to take the guess work out of fit. Each design...
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