EtsySocial Launches Black Holistic Wellness Holiday Gift Guide

Black Holistic Wellness Holiday Gift Guide launches October 28, 2022 by EtsySocial ahead of the holidays.

Clarissa Mack, owner of EtsySocial to launch an innovative digital gift guide to encourage Black holistic health and wellness while promoting Black-owned small businesses.

Press Release
October 5, 2022

EtsySocial, a leading third party app designed for Etsy sellers to easily promote and share their Etsy shops and products, is launching a groundbreaking digital gift guide for the 2022 holiday season. The gift guide, exclusively promoting Black-owned businesses as part of EtsySocial’s commitment to Black economic empowerment, will feature Black entrepreneurs and influencers in the holistic wellness space including mindfulness, meditation, “me” time and other self-care products and topics.

“It’s not just about selling. It’s about service and acknowledgement of the Black community with love and compassionate care. This is a book of Black love inspiring self-care and intentional living.  It is a reminder to the Black community of how much their whole wellbeing—mind-body-spirit—truly matters.”

The beautifully laid out digital guide will feature holistic products – all handmade, natural and made to order from 25 trusted and vetted Black-owned businesses, along with seasonal and timely wellness tips and messages of inspiration, all designed to help consumers thrive through the holidays and beyond.  Each seller will be provided a two-page spread in the guide free of charge, featuring their products with links to their Etsy shop. The guide allows an opportunity for sellers to brand and promote themselves with the underlying message of promoting inner beauty, peace, and love from every piece and item created.

 “After living through the last few years which have been so rough on so many, it’s good to see the growing emphasis on personal wellbeing.  This guide is not just for the holidays but is a combination of taking care of oneself and purchasing gifts for friends and family to do the same. Focusing on under-represented Black-owned businesses creates an opportunity for people to support  Black economic empowerment – fulfilling an important commitment to this purpose with ease and efficiency.”  

The gift guide will make a real impact in the Black community communicating love, compassion and inspiration this holiday season while strengthening commitments to the Black economy. The guide will be live and available to shoppers October 28, 2022 at Price points for products vary between $9 and $188.   

About EtsySocial

Clarissa is dedicated to helping sellers promote and grow their small businesses via Etsy and EstySocial. She has been selling on Etsy with shops ManAndStone and PrayLoveYoga since 2013. In 2016 she developed the EtsySocial third-party app as a way to connect sellers and offer an easy and effective platform for promoting their shops on social media.

Clarissa Mack, EtsySocial